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The following Sensonics formulae have been used successfully throughout Australia in over one hundred thousand cases for the last two decades.

The Sensonics formulae can be safely taken during the same day, according to symptoms, either on their own or in conjunction with other medication, meridian remedies or drugs, although it is advised they be taken at seperate times.

In some cases the symptoms may temporarilly worsen. This could be due to toxins being stirred up within the body.

To assist in the removal of these toxins it is advisable to take Sensonics Elim 5 formula in conjunction with all formulae.

The formulae which can be safely taken by children have an advisable dosage.

Sensonics reserves the right to change any formula according to the availability of ingredients.

Sensonics takes no responsibility for effects suffered due to inaccurate instructions from practitioners or incorrect administration of any products.

Queries should be directed to Sensonics or your local distributor.